A Coaching Model of Support for Improvement in

Classroom Practice

One of the strategies used throughout my career with great success, has been Coaching for Improvement in the Classroom. This model was first introduced to me by the staff of Newcastle University. The model was developed by Lofsthouse and Leat, following a two-year research project, undertaken by the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching at Newcastle University and funded by CfBt Educational Trust and the national college. The full report, ‘Coaching for teaching and learning: a practical guide for schools’ details the findings of the research project and provides a useful guide for anyone wishing to introduce a model of coaching support in the development of teacher practice.



What others have to say about the coaching model of support for improvement in classroom practice …….Gillian introduced the concept of video coaching as a tool to support and develop my team in which I have a mixture of experienced and newly qualified tutors.  The initial training was extremely powerful and insightful and made me thing about supporting my staff in a different way.  Sam Riley,  Head of Inclusive Learning at Newcastle City Learning.

The model is based on a few basic principles:-

  • It is different to other observation processes
  • The teacher must want to improve their practice
  • The coach and coachee build up a relationship of mutual trust and respect
  • It is a peer to peer relationship, which allows two professionals to take time out to have a coaching conversation around classroom practice, and in particular the impact of teacher behaviours on learners and learning
  • Coaches use coaching skills to have a coaching conversation to empower teachers and to support them to realise their full potential in the classroom
  • The use of video within the model greatly enhances the impact from the process
  • Teachers value the conversations around their pedagogy and what matters to them, the quality of their learners’ experiences within the classroom.
Coaching is a professional development model which works and gives sustainable results.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Introducing a Model of Coaching – use an expert to support the process

Gillian can support your organisation to introduce a more supportive and impactful approach to lesson observation and teacher development.   Training and support to introduce a model of coaching support within the classroom in your organisation can be provided. Use an experienced consultant and coach to take your team through the successful implementation of the model.



This will allow you to build an internal and sustainable team of practitioners to support the further development of all your teachers.

Your initial outlay will provide a sustainable model of internal CPD which teachers appreciate and has impact on the quality of classroom practice and the quality of learning experiences for all students.





Step 1 – Initial day’s Training for your team of potential coaches.

Step 2 – Gillian as an experienced coach can begin the process of coaching within your organisation with early adopters.  She will also support the practice of your first internal coaches whilst they find their feet with the new approach.

Step 3 – As a consultant coach, Gillial will provide ongoing support to your team of coaches during the early implementation of the model.

Results – You can build up an internal model of teacher support which has impact and delivers sustainable improvement in classroom practice.  You can improve the quality of education experiences for your learners resulting in better student outcomes.

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