Mentoring and Coaching services

Gillian is a qualified and very experienced leadership mentor and coach.

Mentoring is a rich source of self-learning and personal growth.   Mentoring seeks to make a tangible difference to others, it can help increase confidence or ability and support career success
(Julie Starr, 2014).

Coaching is a partnership of equals whose aim is to achieve speedy, increased and sustainable effectiveness through focused learning in every aspect of their client’s life.  Coaching raises self-awareness and identifies choices.  Working to the client’s agenda, the coach and client have the sole aim of closing the gaps between potential and performance (Rogers, 2012).

So let me support you on your journey of change.

Mentor support for emerging leaders and managers.  

Becoming a new team leader or operational manager can be daunting.

Having an experienced mentor to talk to can support this important transition in your career.

Mentoring support can provide a rich source of self-learning and personal growth.

It can help you to increase confidence and support career success.

Coaching is about supporting others to realise their full potential. It is about empowering others so they can move forward independently once the coach has gone.

Leadership and Management coaching sessions

As an experienced leadership and management coach, I can  provide one to one coaching sessions to support you on your journey through change. I hold a L7 Leadership and Management qualification and have a proven track record as an inspirational leader myself.  I did not always get it right, however, and am able to use my own experiences to guide others and to help them face challenges, and reach their goals.

I have a lot of experience in working with both emerging and experienced managers and supporting them to move forward, raising levels of motivation and confidence, particularly during difficult and challenging times within the organisation.

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