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Gillian is a qualified and very experienced coach and uses her coaching approach in much of the work carried out within the sector in her current consultancy role. 

Gillian was first introduced to a model of coaching developed by staff at the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching at Newcastle University in 2004 which focuses on supporting teachers to improve their classroom practice. The model was further developed and became a corner stone of the quality improvement plans for Gateshead College.


What others have to say about coaching support ……… Gillian was very instrumental in helping us set the model up.  She continued to support this process through direct consultation with coaches and also input to all coaches as a whole.  Her continuous support has been very effective to the point where our coaching model is now in place, and coaches have all the appropriate skills to make the process successful.    Hardus du Plesses, Employment and Skills Manager, Newcastle City Learning.

The Coaching model of support for improvement in classroom practice is a professional development model which works, and gives sustainable results. The coaching model provides space for teachers to be more reflective about their own practice and to help them to develop their practice in a safe environment. Coaching provides an opportunity for practitioners to undertake professional discussions about learning and learner progress in lessons. The use of video as an evidence base for those discussions is invaluable and brings a totally different perspective to those conversations.

The coaching model provides a very different type of supportive observation which is valued by teachers.

What Is Coaching

Coaching is about supporting others to realise their full potential. It is about empowering others so they can move forward independently once the coach has gone.

Leadership and Management one to one coaching sessions – as an experienced coach, Gillian can also provide one to one coaching sessions for managers. Gillian holds a L7 Leadership and Management qualification and has a proven track record as an inspiration leader herself.

Gillian is very experienced in working with staff at all levels of the organisation and supporting them to move forward, raising levels of motivation and confidence, particularly during difficult and challenging times within the organisation.

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