Another month has passed

I started the month in the West Midlands, and as always I was blown away by some of the wonderful work carried out in adult community learning venues. So much of this is about building adult confidence and self-esteem, and it is just so good to see that the new Education Inspection Framework very much allows us to celebrate these softer but very important outcomes. It is what we do best in our sector. With so much talk and focus in the press about anxiety and depression, it is also good to remember the impact of education on students’ well-being and much of my work this month has been with the teams at Newcastle City Learning, who are focusing much of their work on helping those who are suffering with their mental well-being, helping them to improve their life chances through learning. Very valuable and rewarding work.

On another note we have finalised the offer with the schools, students and teachers network of the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) a comprehensive continuous professional development programme for existing practitioners within the Learning and Skills sector. The programme is well known within the school sector and has an impressive record of making a real difference to both teachers and learners. Full details of the programme can now be found on the website.

I have not met a teacher yet who has not enjoyed, and become reenergised about their role as a teacher, after taking part in this programme. Check it out.