Great Initial Teacher Training

Great Teachers impact significantly on the quality of  learners’ educational experiences and their success – fact – so be the best teacher you can be

Coming Soon – first cohort – January 2021

High Quality Initial Teacher Training

Gillian Forrester Consultancy is partnering up with Innersummit Ltd a well established training provider of high quality leadership and management training and support to offer you the new

L5 Learning and Skills Teacher apprenticeship programme.

The Learning and Skills Teacher (LST) is a dual professional.  They need to be a vocational expert but also a great teacher which requires a sound understanding of good pedagogy and the research which underpins best practice in teaching, learning and assessment.  This programme seeks to develop the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours required in delivering effective vocational education and training that meets both learners’ and employers’ needs.

Details of the full standards can be downloaded from the Government website Reference Number: ST0149 – Learning and Skills Teacher (LST).

Managers give direction 


teachers make the difference

Entry requirements

The foundation of good teaching is excellent, up to date subject knowledge and an up to date knowledge of workplace practice.

Candidates need a willingness to continue to develop personal ICT skills in-line with the LST role and
relevant Level 2 English and mathematics qualifications.

Why Train with us?

Train with the very best and experienced trainers who have years of experience in developing teacher practice.

A coaching approach is embedded in our delivery to ensure that you become the very best practitioner.

Receive support where you need it,  gain new knowledge about researched best practices in teaching, learning and assessment.  Receive support in the classroom or out in the workplace where you can develop your practice under coaching supervision.  Receive the support of both your coach, and your subject work- place mentor, who will be working in synergy to develop and implement an individual learning plan to help you meet your goals and realise your full potential.

Our programme embeds elements of the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) to help you become the very best teacher/trainer you can be.

The TEEP pedagogical model from the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme helps practitioners to take their understanding of how to plan to maximise learning even further.   The TEEP pedagogical model provides a structure to help plan effective learning sessions which provide a learning environment which is conducive to learning; maximises the benefits of sound pedagogy through implementation of the appropriate use of evidence based practice; and encourages learners to move form the known to the unknown (schema); and to give clarity to learning, helping learners to understand and apply the language of learning.  TEEP promotes the facilitation of active learning to ensure deep learning, ensuring that teachers regularly check understanding and the progress of learners throughout learning sessions.

For full details of the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement programme visit

Read more about the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP)

 Workshop Topics Include

  • Curriculum intent – planning a curriculum which ensures good quality learning with clear aims and learning intentions, varied strategies to develop deep learning and a range of assessment strategies to check understanding and learner progress
  • Using Collaborative Learning effectively – research tells us that working collaboratively is a great way to improve learning and to help learners to extend their knowledge and skills. It is also a great way of developing effective learner behaviours.
  • Developing a Thinking classroom
  • Developing effective questioning techniques
  • Understanding and using Assessment for Learning within your practice
  • Developing Teacher Presence and effective classroom management
  • Understanding how to measure learner progress effectively.
  •  Using research based evidence to inform your practice

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