No blogs completed at the end of last year.  Apologies to my marketing mentor Kate, as yes, I truly fell off my marketing schedule in the last couple of months of 2019.

But been working with some wonderful practitioners within the sector; a revamp on my website and the development of some new products to better help practitioners on the ground understand the implications of the new Education Inspection Framework.  I have used my knowledge and experiences of inspecting under both a new inspection framework and methodology for collection of inspection evidence, combined with my previous knowledge and experiences doing the job on a day to day basis, to come up with packages which provide real help to providers to ensure that they do deliver better quality education and quality apprenticeship programmes.  For further details please visit

Also been working with a number of organisations to develop a new approach to self-assessment in light of these significant changes, and in particular the focus we now see on curriculum planning and implementation.  Teachers need to think far more carefully about the planning of learning activities which ensure that learners learn more, can do more and remember more.

Also finally finished the collaborative updating of the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) for the Learning and Skills sector which is now ready for launch.  This programme has a long record of success of significant impact within the schools’ sector.  The new programme is delivered over three full days and provides a way for providers to build a sustainable, internal workforce development strategy and resource for teacher continuous development which has real impact on the quality of education provided.  The programme explores how practitioners can use the TEEP pedagogical model to provide a structure to plan effective learning sessions which ensure deep learning.