Chris Andreou, Innersummit

Testimonial from Chris Andreou, Managing Director of Innersummit Ltd 
With the introduction of the levy many of our customers were starting to ask about the provision of bespoke apprenticeship programmes of learning for their emerging leaders. Despite running a successful training provider organisation, I was in need of some guidance as to how to make this transition, in order to ensure that the apprenticeship delivery model we proposed, was fit for purpose, and would deliver outstanding apprenticeship opportunities for both our partner organisations and their staff. Gillian’s wealth of knowledge and experience helped us to undertake the journey in an informed way. Just getting our company registered onto the Register of Apprenticeship Providers (RoTAP) was a challenge. Gillian ensured that we had the appropriate policies and procedures in place which were unfamiliar to us as a private full-cost provider. She also helped us wade through the jargon and to understand what was required of us at every stage. Understanding what Ofsted would be looking for within our first monitoring visit and beyond was an eye opener. So many other things to consider, for example effective safeguarding arrangements, ensuring that our employers understood their vital role in working in synergy with us to deliver a high-quality apprenticeship and ensuring that we had a focus on the continued development of apprentices’ literacy and numeracy skills as part of the programme were all explored. Gillian provided advice, guidance and constructive feedback all along the way. In addition to the above, Gillian provided excellent training in effective classroom practice to ensure that our delivery model was fit for purpose. Ensuring that we met the principles of outstanding teaching, learning and assessment was very important to me and her support in this respect was extremely helpful to the organisation and my team. Gillian’s support and guidance has been invaluable in helping us to realise our vision of becoming a provider of bespoke and high-quality leadership, management and business apprenticeships. For further details please see https://www.innersummit.co.uk

Northern Arts College

“Brilliant session – Felt positive about the experience of Ofsted rather than scared or intimidated as initially thought.”
“Very inspiring – Lots of knowledge and really clear answers.”
“Great opening ice breaker session – Informative & engaging.”
“Some valuable ‘nuggets’ of information and I was able to contribute. It was very appropriate and timely, delivery was very good. This was a very useful session, expertly delivered and much appreciated.”
“Interactive session – Group engaged and loads of helpful information.”

Sam Riley, Newcastle City Learning

Gillian introduced the concept of video coaching as a tool to support and develop my team in which I have a mixture of experienced and newly qualified tutors. The initial training was extremely powerful and insightful and made me think about supporting my team in a different way.
Being able to differentiate between mentoring and coaching has proved invaluable and has improved my own practice as a curriculum manager in supporting my tutors to improve their classroom practice.

Judith Doyle, CEO and Principal, Gateshead College

Gillian is a very knowledgeable and experienced Teaching and Learning specialist. She has worked in the FE and skills sector for many years and was a valuable member of our team at Gateshead College and had a very positive impact during her time with us.
Gillian is a very effective coach and facilitator; she is particularly skilled in supporting organisations and individuals to reflect upon and re-think their current practice and to develop and implement more effective and impactful techniques and ways of working.
She is typically supportive and collaborative in her approach to her work and very much enjoys seeing individuals improve their own performance and the positive impact this then has on their respective students.

Hardus du Plessis, Newcastle City Learning

Gillian was very instrumental in helping us set the coaching model up. She continued to support this process through direct consultations with individual coaches, and also input to the coaching team as a whole, and this continuous support has been very effective, to the point where our Coaching Model is now in place and coaches have all the appropriate skills to make the process successful.
Hardus du Plessis, Employment and Skills Manager 22 May 2019

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